Saturday, 22 December 2012

Compare the Intro: Night Trap

Mega CD/Sega CD

This version clearly has the lowest resolution, colour depth and video size. Still not too bad given the tech involved though, especially for a '1st generation' title. (Sega vastly improved the quality of the TruPak video codec as the life cycle of their 16bit CD add on progressed)

Clearly running on superior hardware, the quality of the video footage is significantly improved. A few other differences include removing Sega specific references, and using a different control pad to demonstrate the games control mechanism. 

Sega 32x CD

The enhanced capabilities of the 32x system add on make this version of Night Trap look almost as good as the 3D0 variant. The video takes up a smaller piece of screen than the 3D0 version, but the colour depth looks just as vibrant. Interestingly, this version also omits the Sega specific content.

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